HJR Tax helps hotel, B&B, serviced accommodation and furnished holiday let owners unlock the tax savings in their properties.

What many property owners and their advisors don’t realise is, if the property is used for the purpose of a business, UK tax legislation allows tax relief to be claimed on a proportion of the purchase price which relates to ‘embedded fixtures’ that were acquired with the property such as the electrical, heating and ventilation systems, kitchens, bathrooms, drainage, alarms etc. The tax relief is known as capital allowances.

By claiming capital allowances on a business property purchase, significant tax repayments and future tax savings can be achieved but it has been estimated that 8 out of 10 smaller businesses and property investors have not made claims for capital allowances on embedded fixtures. As it is a specialist area of tax, it requires a team of tax and surveyor experts and is not something your accountant would have already claimed for you.

The wealth of experience and knowledge of the HJR team, along with our well-established process enables claiming capital allowances to be hassle free and extremely valuable for clients, maximising the value of their claim. To date, we have a 100% success rate!


HJR Tax offer a RISK FREE service and DON’T CHARGE any fixed or upfront fees, making capital allowances claims affordable for all. Our fees are based on a percentage of the capital allowances we identify, which are less than 50% of our competitors, and you only pay if a claim is successful!

  • Risk free service – No Win, No Fee.
  • 100% Success Rate on Submitted Claims
  • Compliant with UK Tax Legislation
  • Fees less than 50% of our competitors
  • Quick repayments of overpaid tax
  • Over 10 years experience submitting capital allowances claims to HMRC
  • All the needed support to agree your claim with HMRC

Case Studies

Honeypot Guest House, Crail
Purchase Price: £359,500
Total Tax Savings: £26,100

Hollingworth Lake Bed & Breakfast, Lancashire
Purchase Price: £252,000
Total Tax Savings: £17,091