Sustaining a holiday home business in the best possible way has proven to be property managers’ top priority right now. Dealing with new travel restrictions, last-minute-bookings and still meeting guests’ expectations is a hard task. But how can property managers offer a great holiday experience in a world which becomes more contactless? And how can current technologies help hosts to secure and maintain properties at a distance?

More than anything else, apart from good facilities and attention to detail, Smart home devices offer a great opportunity to make accommodation appear comfortable, convenient, and modern. As a property manager it’s best to rely on a good mix of a few devices that your guests will have the most benefit from and make it easier to manage your accommodation.

Every year, new innovative technologies arrive on the market. Some of them bring also great advantages to the short rental industry.

By integrating such innovative technologies in your own short rental business, you can remotely manage your accommodations and thereby outsource your work. This leads to more efficiency and you can spend your time either managing even more properties or finding new ways to offer your guests the best possible experience:

Smart locks

Every guests’ stay starts with the check-in. Offering a contactless self-check-in is becoming more and more popular especially in these times. Also it offers you and your guests significant advantages: Guests have the opportunity to check-in whenever they want. Which means that you do not have to wait for them to hand over the keys – especially convenient when they arrive late or if they do not specify an exact time of arrival.

Digital door locks – or so-called smart locks – are a secure and reliable option to grant your guests access to the booked accommodation without needing you to be there in person to hand over the keys. With a smart lock you can send your guests the digital keys to their accommodation even a few days before they arrive.

With these individual access permissions each guest has access to the property for the corresponding booking period. Of course you can also assign permanent access authorisations so that your cleaning or service staff has access to the property.

Besides offering a contactless 24/7 self-check-in, smart locks, such as from Nuki, offer many more advantages:

  • no more lost keys
  • no time-consuming key handovers
  • no need to hire external partners for the key handover
  • no challenges due to unexpected changes to your guests’ arrival time
  • no key duplicates required for cleaners and service partners

But also in a post-COVID-19-world smart locks will be a great way for property owners to save time and money. It gives you the flexibility to decide between welcoming your guest in person or managing the key handover digitally.

Besides automated check-ins you can install home automation systems where you’ll be able to monitor and control the temperature, moisture, noise, etc. of your accommodation.


Smart noise sensors

Lately, more and more complaints concerning noise pollution and so-called “party house problems” get reported. This problem appears to happen more frequently since the COVID-19 pandemic as people book properties to hold parties in them because in a lot of countries bars and nightclubs are closed. Smart noise sensors, such as from Minut, permanently measure the noise level and send a notification when the set threshold is exceeded. Integrating such sensors keep your neighbours and guests happy, without compromising on privacy.


Smart sensors

Smart, networked smoke detectors not only trigger an alarm on site but also send an alert to your smartphone This makes you and your guests feel safer and helps you to save money. Another great opportunity is for example installing smart water sensors at sensitive points, such as underneath a washing machine. This can be especially useful if your property is in an area prone to flooding. The water sensors detect moisture and can switch off connected devices (if equipped accordingly) or even turn off the stop-cock. If you wish they can also send notifications to your smartphone and sound the alarm in the house. If you live far away from your rental property, it’s not easy to check it immediately to make sure it’s in dry conditions. Smart water sensors can help you with that easily.


Smart thermostat

If you want your guests to feel comfortable in your accommodation, then you have to make sure the place is kept at a pleasant temperature. A smart thermostat can make things a lot easier for you as a host since it allows you to control the air conditioning or heating system with your smartphone. Perhaps the most popular device of this kind is the Nest Learning Thermostat. Not only is it easy to use but it will also save you money.


“If you use a Wifi smart thermostat to intelligently control the temperature in your home, you could save in the ballpark of 10%-25% on your energy bill compared to a standard thermostat.”

Android Central


Today’s smart home market offers you endless possibilities to manage your business without needing to be present and helping you to manage your short stay property even more efficiently. Besides that it offers more comfort, safety, and security to you as well as to your guests. Technology is becoming an increasingly part of everyone’s lives. Travellers come to your property to get away from their everyday life and see something new, but they also want your property to be a comfortable and smart “home away from home”.

Show your guests that you take care of them and differentiate your short rental business from others. Smart home devices can make your guest’s stay more enjoyable but also make your life as a property manager a lot easier.


Article Author

Julia Buchta is B2B Marketing Manager at Nuki Home Solutions GmbH. Nuki is the digital access solution for short-term rentals. For more information visit