Tailoring your marketing to serve different types of guests and travellers is a must in 2021 and securing contractor bookings is something that you need to consider.

The contractor accommodation sector is growing within short stay and Theo Bailey from PPPN has developed 9 top tips to drive bookings from travelling contractors and workforces who need a roof over their head!

The beauty about the contractor market is that some have a Monday to Friday week, which means you can still have your weekend trade and ensure you are full over the weekdays.

Tip 1. Tailored marketing to target audience

Ensure your property is staged and set up to attract this audience – they do not need to see pictures of croissants and orange juices, they don’t need pictures of towels that look like swans or soap dispensers, they want to see single beds, kitchen facilities, a lounge with TV – simple things, quick wins.

Tip 2. Property branding to make it appealling

You will note a lot of buildings are called elegant names like the Phoenix Apartments or Ivy House and whilst there is nothing wrong with this, to speak with this audience why not look at names that resonate – Contractor Digs, Contractor House etc.

Tip 3. Realistic pricing to match similar contractor bookings

Pricing is key, most contractors have a budget that ranges between £25 and £45 a night, you may have some who have less and a few that have more, but why not price properties on a per person per night basis and ensure you don’t price yourself out of their price range.

Tip 4. Parking plus for guests

Parking is a must! It may be that you have it, but you need to make it apparent, mention it – one of the biggest pains Contractors have is ensuring they have properties with parking for their vans.

Tip 5. Zip it for flexible layouts

If you have rooms that have king size beds, see if you can get them zip and link options, so you don’t have two people having to cosy up. This is a great way of making your rooms as accessible to as many groups of guests.

Tip 6. Player one and chill

Simple things make the difference. Obviously, the guests are not there to go on sightseeing tours or for the amazing scenery. It is very much a working stay where they want to relax and chill in the evenings. Think about getting a games console, a dartboard, a foosball table or even just a pack of cards to help them unwind in their down time.

Tip 7. Rethink terms to appeal to contractor bookings

Contractors are often met with challenging circumstances including last minute changes, job relocations and very different requirements which they will only know about shortly before their jobs start. Giving them hurdles with restrictive cancellation and refund terms may scare them away. Try to be flexible while still protecting your business and bookings!

Tip 8. Spread the word to encourage more

We all know that recommendations are key for accommodation businesses and the beauty of contractor bookings is that they all talk when they are on site. Encourage direct bookings recommendations with referral incentives!

Tip 9. Keep it simple

Remember to make it simple, the more they need to think about it, the longer they’ll take to decide. In the current climate, some prefer single rooms whilst others are still happy to share twins, make sure you can cater to both types.


We hope you find these useful and help you grow your business in 2021.


Article Author

Theo Bailey is Managing Director at Per People Per Night. For more information and to get listed as a property offering contractor rooms visit

This article first appeared in the Stayjam Playbook – a free digital magazine to help short stay specialists and accommodation businesses.

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