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For immediate release: 17 FEBRUARY 2019

I-PRAC have signed as sponsors of the Short Stay Show and make the perfect partner for visitors to the show.

I-PRAC is a verification membership platform of legitimate property owners and rental agents within the short term rental industry.

With their robust application and approval process they are able to verify their members who then receive their I-PRAC approval and online membership profile, travellers are then able to verify specific details of the member by cross referencing information listed on the profile, then register their booking with I-PRAC and guarantee their rental payments against rental fraud.

I-PRAC is a global platform verifying property owners and agents all over the world, and by 2022 are expected to have over 1 million members around the globe.

In 2019 I-PRAC will be launching the partnership programme where they will offer partner services to their members directly on the members profile tool kit, adding further value to our members.

”Our mission is simple,” says Chris Maughan CEO of I-PRAC, ” we provide peace of mind and a guarantee to travellers booking short term rental properties, and allow legitimate operators to show credibility to traveller’s booking short term properties.”

Diane Lloyd, Short Stay Show Co-Founder, added “We are delighted to welcome I-PRAC into the Short Stay Show family. They provide a real-world solution to an ongoing problem faced by the industry.”

For more information on I-PRAC please visit www.i-prac.com

For more information:

Email:                        jim@shortstay.show

Tel:                             +44 (0) 1737 855015

Website:                  www.shortstay.show

Address:                  Quartz Smart Events, Quartz House, 20 Clarendon Road, Redhill, Surrey

About The Short Stay Show

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